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Hi, my name is Keith May and I am an Edmond local REALTOR. Welcome my seller focused website for Edmond, Deer Creek and North Oklahoma City. My niche is listing houses in southeast Edmond and along the Kilpatrick turnpike along with the established areas of central and northern Edmond. I have extensive experience selling distressed properties including short sales. I also hold the Certified Distressed Property Expert designation (CDPE).

Ready to succeed in selling your Edmond home? Click on the sell tab and provide me with basic information on your home in order to get started. Keep reading to see why selling with Keith is your best option.

Services Keith Offers…

There are many important factors to consider when trying to find a real estate agent who will truly go above and beyond the call of duty.
I use all the time-tested methods of salesmanship to present your home to the public. Additionally, I will market your home online via the latest trends in social media, video and Search Engine Optimization. My Video blog will include helpful informative videos regarding selling houses and representing sellers, but It is also a way for me to send out videos of your home to potential buyers. Another marketing tool I use is the frequently updated Facebook community pages for residents of South East Edmond and the Northwood community. These online communities are also a great tool for local residents looking to get in touch with the vibrant Edmond community and connect with their neighbors.

Looking to buy a home? My newly launched general website ( provides additional information for buyers. It is a resource for home buyers needing to find a home or learn more about the buying/selling real estate process.

Also, see my Press Releases and the Home Profit Calculator.

~Best Regards,
Keith May
Keith May

Keith is a highly motivated, listing focused REALTOR of over 17 years with the highest producing real estate office in the Edmond/Oklahoma City Metro area. Keith’s house sales are in the top 5% of REALTOR’s in the Edmond/Oklahoma City area. He is easily accessible and utilizes a well trained staff and the latest technologies to sell your house. Keith is an Edmond, Oklahoma listing REALTOR specialist. He has several years of experience with shorts sales and distressed properties along with selling houses for Seniors and Baby Boomers.